North America

Not All Who Wander Across North America Are Lost

Names: Marc Kramer and Eliana Ardila
Hometown: Miami, Florida

Road trip destination: Miami, Florida, to Alaska and back again.

Date started: June 4, 2008.
Anticipated end date: Around Feb 4, 2009.

Months on the road and ground covered: A total of 8 months on the road, somewhere around 25,000 miles of driving, 25 U.S. states, 3 Canadian provinces, and a small taste of Mexico.  continue reading... »

Media Spotlight Shines on Driven to Sustain Road Trip

The Driven to Sustain road trip pulled into Toronto this week and the Big Smoke media clearly liked their eco-friendly story.

As we noted in a a story last month, Canadians Tyson Jerry and Cloe Whittaker are roadtrippin across North America in a Mitsubishi Delica diesel van that has been converted to run on Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO).

They are relying on free WVO from local restaurants to fill their tank and are aiming to break the current world record for "Longest Journey by Car on Alternative Fuel", which is 38,137 kilometres.  continue reading... »

Green Road Trips Raise Awareness About the Environment

One road trip across North America to raise awareness about the environment is just getting started, while another green minded road trip has just wrapped up.

Canadians Tyson Jerry and Cloe Whittaker departed from Victoria, British Columbia on a four month environmentally friendly road trip across North America, which they are calling "Driven to Sustain".

They are riding in a Mitsubishi Delica diesel van that has been converted to run on Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO). Their goal is to try and break the current world record for "Longest Journey by Car on Alternative Fuel" which currently stands at 38,137 kilometres and they have already invested over $40,000 of their own funds to see it through.  continue reading... »

The Trans-Americas Journey

Names: Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl
Home Town: New York City, New York, United States

Road trip destination: United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America

Date left home: April 2006
Anticipated Length of Trip: 3 or 4 years
Anticipated date of entry into Mexico to start driving south: November 2008

Miles driven to date: Almost 85,000
Money spent on gas so far: $18,900 USD  continue reading... »

EcoFuel World Tour

Names: Rainer Zietlow, Falk Gunold, Florian Hilpert and Franz Janusiewicz
Home Country: Germany

Name of Trip: EcoFuel World Tour

Destination/Purpose of the Trip: To drive around the world in a Volkswagen Caddy EcoFuel that runs on compressed natural gas.  continue reading... »

Long Long Honeymoon in an Airstream

Names: Sean and Kristy Michael
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Purpose of Trip: Extended honeymoon

Road trip destination: United States and Canada

Roadtrippin vehicle: 25 foot Airstream Classic attached to Ford F250 pickup

Why an Airstream: There's something timeless about that classic silver shape. It's both nostalgic and futuristic, like a cross between your great grandparents' old trailer and a UFO. When you see one, you smile.

Best feature of an Airstream: The aluminum skin! It never rusts, and always looks classic. More than anythng else, the aluminum grants Airstreams their timeless appearance.  continue reading... »

Overland World Road Trip

Name: Felix Bergmeister
Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Former life: 10 times Ironman' ultra-triathlon winner

Road trip destination: Around the world

Age at start of road trip: 29
Date started dreaming about the trip: 9 years before taking off

Purpose of trip: raise awareness of, and funds for, UNICEF
Vehicle: R 80 GS Basic motorbike

Start of road trip: October 21, 2006  continue reading... »

Ewan McGregor's "Long Way Round" Road Trip

Ewan McGregor didn't need to go on a 20,000 mile road trip to become famous.

Before setting off from London in April 2004 with his buddy and fellow actor, Charley Boorman, the Scottish actor had already starred in high-powered movies like Trainspotting (1996), Moulin Rouge (2001), Black Hawk Down (2001) and Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002).

But five months before leaving on the road trip, McGregor and Boorman formed a company - Long Way Round Limited (LWR) - with two additional friends to organize the trip logistics, and to produce the T-shirts, book, DVD, CD and six-part television documentary that was to follow.  continue reading... »