"Wide-Eyed Wanderers" by VW Vagabonds

The VW Vagabonds - Richard and Amanda Ligato - have earned the title of senior spokespersons for the roadtrippin circuit.

Their epic three-year road trip saw them travel half way around the world in a 1978 VW Westfalia bus.

And after they finished driving and camping their way through North, Central and South America, and Africa, they settled down in Southern Africa to write a book chronicling their travels.

The fruits of their labours is Wide-Eyed Wanderers: A Befuddling Journey From The Rat Race to the Roads of Latin America & Africa ($18.95 plus shipping).

The book is currently sold out but according to the couple's website, they are experimenting with a different approach used by Amazon.com whereby people can choose how much they would like to pay for a digital copy of the book.

We didn't buy Wide-Eyed Wanderers for our road trip to Mexico and Central America, and thus will have to rely on feedback from other roadtrippers as to whether the book is a useful trip resource.